Some of the principles behind these blog postings:

  • I’m following the citation guidelines provided by the MLA Handbook (7th edition). However, when I’m citing fanzines or other unorthodox sources, I’m providing more information in the Bibliography than is conventional, to give interested readers the best chance of tracking down these source texts.


  • Similarly, at the end of each entry is a Bibliography not a Works Cited, so I can provide details of relevant further sources rather than the ones I have referenced alone.


  • In case people think I’ve failed to indent the second and following lines of each entry in the Bibliography, the software I’m using doesn’t appear to let me do this. But if you’re planning to use these entries in your own essays, remember that the MLA formatting requires you to do so!


  • I have reproduced images according to academic fair use; if you are the copyright holder for the images on this blog and want them removed, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do so.

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