March 2012

Who, what, and why? An introduction

Welcome to the new Academic Systems blog at the University of Exeter! By way of an introduction, this first post will provide some background information, explain the rationale behind this new venture and outline plans for the coming posts.


This blog is about the work of the Academic Systems Team at the University of Exeter, and me, its head (and blog writer).  Part of the Exeter IT Division, within Academic Services, we work closely with other colleagues and teams to deliver a wide range of systems and services to the University community – and beyond.


The Academic Systems Team is responsible for the support and development of the student-facing systems and services, and those systems that provide the administrative support for the student life cycle (some of which are included in the links to the left).  By necessity, therefore, we work closely with the other divisions within Academic Services, including:

  • Student Services
  • Library and Research Support
  • Employability and Graduate Development
  • Academic Policy and Standards
  • Education Enhancement
  • Academic Support Unit (Cornwall)

The team also works closely with other professional services (Finance, Planning, Change Team etc.) and the Colleges (faculties), to ensure that the services meet the requirements of the University and its various user communities.  We also work closely with our colleagues at University College Falmouth.

As the provision of any IT system is very much a team effort, through this blog the work of the other sections within Exeter IT will become evident too. For an overview take a look at the divisional structure. More on this in future posts.


twitter_newbird_boxed_blueonwhiteWhilst the work that we do is often reported via the more formal channels (committees, minutes, and so on), there is a need for a more accessible means by which we can report on, and discuss, a wider range of developments, issues, and ideas.  Some of this has been addressed by the new Exeter IT Newsletter and, indeed, the Exeter IT Twitter account.  However, it is also hoped that by writing a blog the role of the team, and the wider division, will become even more visible, and lead to further opportunities for engagement with those using the systems and services that we provide.

Following the recent arrival of Lynne Tucker, the new CIO (Chief Information Officer), there are various streams of activity around key themes being planned or, in some areas, already underway. Together with my team, I’m actively involved in some of this exciting work and plan to use this blog to discuss further – again, more on this soon!

To close…

Comments are enabled on this blog, so please do respond! Please do also follow me on Twitter – @UoEHeadAcadSys. I look forward to writing more posts and discussing the work that we are engaged in. Thanks for reading.

Ian Tilsed
Head of Academic Systems

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