March 2012

The Team(s)

Following the introductory post, it’s worth taking a quick look at the Academic Systems Team itself, and the various areas of responsibility. To start, the team is divided into two sub-teams:

Student Record Systems

Team Leader: Tom Waite

This team is responsible for the support and development of SITS, the student record system, and ESD, the student helpdesk – two large systems. SITS is used extensively, both for administrative and student functions, covering admissions, registry, module selection, student finance, assessment, graduation and statutory reporting, to name but a few. ESD (Enterprise Service Desk) allows students to log a helpdesk call for assistance or information from a wide range of student services and forms a key element of the new Student Information Desk (SID), to be launched when the Forum opens in May.

Learning and Teaching Systems

Team Leader: Tim Hortopp

In essence, this team is responsible for everything else! However, that does mean a greater number of smaller, but no less important, systems, across the broad area of teaching and learning. This entails the support and development of timetabling and room booking systems, the examination papers archive, Echo 360 (lecture capture), the library catalogue and associated services, ELE (virtual learning environment), CareerHub and the Exeter Award, BART (assignment submission), and many more. The team is also involved in the implementation of several new services being planned for the coming months.

As a whole…

Whilst the broader Academic Systems Team (currently 17 strong) is split into two, it works effectively as a broader group, with excellent co-operation across all the systems and services. Indeed, the data feeds from SITS inform a significant number of the other systems, so there are various levels of inter-dependency.

The team resides in, or near, room 911 (9th floor) of the Laver Building on the Streatham Campus.

Various new, and exciting, systems and services are currently being worked on by the team, and I look forward to talking more about those developments in future posts. One thing is certain – life in Academic Systems is never dull!

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