March 2012

Sister Team – Corporate Systems

The Academic Systems Team is one of two teams dedicated to the support and development of business systems (or management information systems, in old speak).  Our sister team is Corporate Systems and they too are located on level 9 of the Laver Building, albeit in and around room 919.

Headed by Paul Lightowlers, the 14 strong team delivers technical expertise across the following key business areas/systems:

  • Finance (Aptos, Parabilis)
  • IT Helpdesk (Supportworks)
  • Planning (Cognos)
  • Research (Symplectic, ERIC (institutional repository), PAC)
  • HR & Payroll (Midland Trent)
  • eCommerce (WPM)
  • Facilities Management (Planon)

The Corporate Systems Team is commonly seen as dealing with staff data and systems, whilst the Academic Systems Team, conversely, deals with student data and systems.  That said, the two teams work closely, as there are levels of inter-dependency between our various systems and services.

Needless to say, given the systems for which they are responsible, the Corporate Systems Team liaise with Finance Services, Human Resources, Research & Knowledge Transfer, Campus Services and Strategic Planning and Change, to name but a few.

The work of the two business systems teams is, however, dependent on the efforts of several other teams within Exeter IT.  In later blog posts I will introduce those teams, to help build an understanding of how Exeter IT delivers its services to all its users.

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