Some answers – part three

We’re now officially half way through our Offer Holder Visit Day’s which means that I have some more answers to the questions which you have been asking over recent weeks. This week we are looking at when you should create your accomodation account, what you should be doing this month for accommodation and if our residences are suitable for students with allergies or intolerances.

Can I create an Accommodation Account now?
Students who have firmly accepted an academic offer at the University of Exeter as their first choice will be able to create an Accommodation Account from early April in preparation for the applications opening on Monday 11 April 2016 from 10:00am. More information about creating an accommodation account and exactly when you will be available to do this will be in our blog post on Tuesday 29 March.

What should I be doing in preparation for accommodation?
We have now created a page for key dates which provides you within information about what you should be doing on a month by month basis with regards to your accommodation. Make sure you have a look to see what you should be doing in March. It includes: reading up on the Accommodation Guarantee, looking at the different self-catered or catered residence options and much more.

Can I live in University accommodation if I have a food intolerance or allergy?

Catered – Students are able to live in catered accommodation if they have a special dietary requirement. All that we would recommend they do is to contact the Residence Reception of the residence they are interested in, in order to discuss their requirements.  Our residences will be pleased to do all that they reasonably can to meet the needs of students.

Self-catered – If a student is suffering from a severe allergy and is concerned about sharing a kitchen with other students then we would recommend that they consider a studio whereby the student is in charge of their own kitchenette area. Our Accessability Team are available to discuss any suitable options and requirements.

Next week, we will be answering more frequently asked questions from our Offer Holder Visit Day.

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