Four days to go… what to do

With only four days to go until applications for accommodation go live on Monday 9 April from 10:00am we felt it best to further update you on some items prior to you applying:

*Applications for 2018/19 will open from 10:00am on Monday 9 April. This means that the ‘new’ application will not show before this time and you can only apply after 10:00am. If you apply before this time, you will have applied incorrectly, your application will be rejected and you will need to re-apply.*

How to apply for accommodation
We provided some information about preparing to apply for accommodation in Tuesday’s blog post which we strongly recommend you view as well as the information below:

Please remember that our undergraduate applications are not dealt with on a first come, first serve basis and we do not take into account the date that you applied. You are able to choose four preferences of residence within your application.

Our International postgraduate applications are dealt with on a first come, first serve basis from the date you apply. You are able to choose three preferences of residence within your application.

Essential Building Works 2018/19
We provided a great deal of information in our ‘Guest blog post‘ on 27 March about the essential repairs and improvement taking place at our Lafrowda, Birks Grange Village and Duryard residences during the 2018/19 academic year. In addition to this blog post, we have recently received some further updates about the scheduled works and also information from current students (video) about what it’s been like living in an affected block. Please see these below:

To be kept updated on all of the works due to take place or to find out further information, please view our dedicated webpage.

Development Works 2018/19
Please be aware that development works for an extension of our student accommodation provision are scheduled to commence from August 2018 and will take place in close proximity to a number of blocks in the Lafrowda and St.German’s areas throughout 2018/19. The works will be planned carefully to ensure the impact is as minimal as possible for residents in neighbouring accommodation. For more information on the Spreytonway development, please visit the Residential Strategy webpages.

Keep updated on our Accommodation Facebook page for any news in relation to applications for accommodation.

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