The UK Chapter of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies is a national network of scholars, researchers and practitioners working in the broad and interdisciplinary field of critical heritage studies. It is a subset of the international ACHS, whose ‘primary aim is to promote heritage as an area of critical enquiry’. The UK Chapter was inspired by the ACHS inaugural conference at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2012, which convened over 400 heritage researchers and professionals from around the world.

The UK Chapter promotes UK heritage as an area of critical enquiry and supports dialogue and networking between researchers, practitioners and activists from different fields and disciplinary backgrounds.

Membership is free and members are invited to use this site to share information and ideas related to the field of critical heritage. Events will be held to bring members together. The Chapter aims to hold bi-annual national conferences and regional workshops to focus on specific topics in the years between the international events.

To join the mailing list please contact Bryony Onciul:  

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