Research Grants

Current Grants:

  • EPSRC Capital award for core equipment (EP/T023635/1), Co-I, £269,363, 29/11/19-28/05/2021
  • Developing the next generation of smart electric fire stoves, EPSRC SMM CDT, PI, £80,000, 01/11/19-31/10/23

Past Grants:

  • Controlling multistability in vibro-impact systems: theory and experiment, EPSRC (EP/P023983/1), PI, £101,147, 01/10/17-30/06/19
  • Utilising the vibro-impact self-propulsion technique for gastrointestinal endoscopy, EPSRC (EP/R043698/1), PI, £31,674, 06/08/18-28/02/19
  • Control of multistable dynamical systems with applications in oil and gas industry, the Carnegie PhD scholarship, PI, £54,159, 01/10/15-31/03/19
  • Mathematical modelling and optimisation of a downhole anti stick-slip tool for reduction of torsional vibrations, ETP PhD Studentship collaborated with Tomax Ltd., Co-PI, £82,423, 01/10/14-31/03/18
  • Agri-Tech in China: Newton Network+, Pathfinder Awards (PF002), PI, £4,914, 07/17
  • Design, modelling and implementation of a capsule system for pipeline pigging inspection, IMechE Group Project Award, £2,500, 01/10/15-31/03/16 (News 1News 2)
  • Development of an experimental test rig for a vibro-impact capsule system, the Carnegie Trust Small Research Grant (No 31841), PI, £2,140, 01/08/14-31/07/15