Les défigurés, Amiens

A striking exhibition at La Maison de la Culture, Amiens, features photographs of disfigured or facially injured people treated by Prof Bernard Devauchelle, the pioneering facial surgeon. The photographer, Cyril Crépin, refers to the unsuspected beauty which emanates from these difficult images, often relegated to the margins of the visible.

The exhibition is part of a large-scale EU-funded project on Les Gueules Cassees, the facially injured soldiers of WWI, and the astonishing long-term cultural and clinical legacy of the revolutions in facial surgery to which their situation gave rise. The project, entitled FACE, brings together clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and specialists in the literary and artistic legacy of trauma, and is international in scope, featuring French researchers based primarily in Amiens and a UK team led by the University of Exeter.

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