Current Projects

There are a number of activities currently being undertaken in this project. Below is a selection of activities:

  • Patrick Ussher, an MA student in the Food and Culture pathway in the Exeter Classics Department, is running the Galen Diet for 40 volunteers. The diet monitors Galen’s six necessary activities (later called his ‘non-naturals’), namely air and environment, food & drink, exercise, sleep, state of mind and balance in the systems of the body. Like to see more? Visit the Galen Project website.
  • Patrick and Chris have also lead a session on Stoic therapy and psychic health. This was at the University Meditation Society on February 22nd 2012, on the University Mental  Health and Wellbeing Day.
  • Chris is speaking about what ancient healthcare and psychotherapy can offer today at the Tremough Campus Festival in Cornwall on Sunday May 20 2012. He’s sharing the stage with Professor Nicky Britten of the Peninsula Medical School, who has a big interest in making medicine more accessible to the general public, and has been involved with our project in conferences on balance (2010) and on Galen in a modern context (2011). For futrher information, visit the Centre for Medical History website.
  • John is setting up a project at a medical charity in May to present Galen’s ideas on nutrition and daily regimen in six workshops that will be open to the public.
  • John is also setting up a seminar with the Herbal History Network to explore Galen’s ideas further with practitioners in herbal medicine. This builds on his work on Galen’s Simple Medicines presented to the Network’s London conference in 2010.  If you are a herbalist and would like to see more about Galen, .

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