Galen in Schools

As part of our work modernising Galen’s advice on preventative medicine, we have:

a) visited the Queen Elizabeth School in Crediton, as part of the ‘Galen Roadshow’, giving special classes on ‘Galen in Rome’ and ‘Galen in Crediton’, which tied in with the GCSE Medical History module.

b) devised a GCSE course-pack which can be used by teachers of history, philosophy or PSHE at school. This course-pack gives some short thought-provoking passages from Galen, along with a short overview and three sections (questions for discussion; points for reflection; what can you do?) for in-class discussion and suggested action points. You can read this course-pack here: Galen in Schools course-pack.

At the moment, a funding bid to develop the ‘Galen in Schools’ programme is being developed, to be used across the UK. If you have any thoughts on the programme, or if you are in the South-West and would like the ‘Galen Roadshow’ to visit your school,  please contact Prof. John Wilkins.

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