All’s Fair in Love and War

Today was the day of the Fresher’s Fair and I sensed (but also I was clued in by the fact that the ATM’s apparently ‘run out on days like today’) that – in my brain’s own words – “something crazy is about to go down.” And it didn’t disappoint. I deliberately put off going until mid-to-late afternoon hoping the swarms of people would have died down, but I made a fatal miscalculation. Since most students would have been out drinking the night before (while I was happily marathoning ‘Hannibal’ and avoiding fresher’s flu which has already infected 2 of my roommates) they wouldn’t be conscious until 1pm the following day, and not stumbling onto campus until 2pm. So when I arrived at 2:30pm, skipping along to find a society to join, I got swept into a lazy wave of freshers.

I come from a town called Tunbridge Wells where a lot of the population walk around like Londoners, constantly rushing for some train somewhere, and so I’m used to that stream of people not the occasional dawdlers at the fair who would stop in the most inconvenient places. As a philosophy student I feel like I should have more patience but when I have a goal or place to be I’m like a moving train with no brakes – I can’t be stopped.

Also, the Tunbridge Wells girl has a browsing technique when we shop; we don’t stop moving unless something catches our eye, even then it is to a suitable location so as to not be an inconvenience to others, but at all other times we ‘scan’ and pan round with our eyes. The technique doesn’t seemed to have infiltrated the south west so I’m having to adjust and acclimatise in this new environment. I came out successful, however, with some free packets of Haribo and my memberships to the creative writing and philosophy societies.

From what I’ve heard it’s standard procedure to oversubscribe, join more societies than you’re able to attend and end up dropping most of them so I took the opposite approach. ‘Less is more’ but that phrase has always been lost on me – surely more is more, and less is less? They’re binary opposites, right? I think undersubscribing is perhaps a better technique because that way you don’t spend out for clubs you won’t attend also I’m (pretty) sure you can still join later in the term.

I actually put a lot of thought into my choice. I wanted something social where I could meet like-minded people, so sport was out of the question for me being neither sporty nor a team player. I also thought ahead as to how the societies can help me in my future. Philosophy Soc will help me with my degree and I’m hoping Creative Writing Soc will carry me through after that when I become a struggling writer (my ideal career being like Ross and his music in ‘Friends’ to which Phoebe described him as ‘not appreciated in his own time.’) I’m also hoping that with the extra time I might get some of this book written which I’ve been planning for about 2 years. It is currently only 4 pages long but my procrastination skills have come along in leaps and bounds those 2 years!

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