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Maddy Geen was awarded “Apprentice of the year” at the annual Professional Services Recognition Awards 2018 held on Streatham campus at the University of Exeter.

Becky Jones, Maddy’s line manager, said:

“Maddy has been an outstanding colleague throughout her apprenticeship – exemplifying team work and collegiate attitude, with great professionalism, and has been a brilliant ambassador for the University.”

Becky went on to say:

“We feel exceedingly fortunate to have selected and secured Maddy as a member of our team. Her willingness and diligence has been a significant help in “gluing” the team together. All our senior colleagues know they can turn to Maddy with confidence for assistance of any kind, if their regular assistant is unavailable or occupied. Her adaptability has led directly to thanks for the whole team from colleagues elsewhere who have received her assistance with their events held in our locality, or when she has covered responsibilities for other members of the team.

Maddy has convinced me of the value of the apprenticeship scheme, and has contributed to a step-change in the manner of our service from one that was previously rather fragmented to an integrated team. She has received an “Above and Beyond” Gold Award and later a Bronze award for her contribution to the Professional Services offered to the College Executive. She was runner up in Cornwall College Group’s Excellence in Business Awards “Young Apprentice” category, and won Exeter College’s Apprentice of the Year award – making her a fabulous ambassador for the University and the Medical School. Her contribution to the team and the service have, overall been outstanding. She has recently secured a new role at a higher grade in the Medical School and is ready for a really successful career. She will be sorely missed by the Exec Support Team!”

We would also like to give recognition to the other finalists, Georgie Rand (Estate Services) and Honor Lovell (College of Humanities) as it is a fantastic achievement to get through to the finals:

Georgie Rand – “An outstanding role model to all apprentices coming through and great to have women entering the engineering profession.”

Honor Lovell – “Honor is an excellent Apprentice Administrator at the University of Exeter, and she consistently exceeds expectations in her day-to-day work.”

To read more about the Professional Services Recognition Awards click here.

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