This project is funded by JISC under the Learning & Teaching Innovation Grant Programme.


Welcome to the Augmented Reality blog!

This is the blog for University of Exeter ‘s JISC-funded Learning and Teaching Innovation project.  The project is built around the innovative and creative use of Augmented Reality.  This exciting new technology adds a layer of virtual information over the physical world, and enables mobile phone users (equipped with a suitable application) to interact with their surroundings, unlock a rich hidden curriculum and see the world in a different way.

The project is using Augmented Reality as a means of interpreting the rich biodiversity of the University of Exeter’s main campus. Smartphone users will be able to explore the campus and access scientific data as a layer of graphics and multimedia content superimposed on the living landscape viewed through the smartphone camera and viewing screen.

More information is available on our about the project page, with project outputs and resources compiled on our resources/outcomes page.

Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum

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