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BioBlitz – Expanding the Biodiversity Dataset

On Saturday 9th October, broadcaster, naturalist and ex-student Nick Baker led a group of over 150 volunteering students, academics, members of the public and Devon Wildlife Trust experts for the first ever ‘BioBlitz’ at the University of Exeter.  The event consisted of a quick census of species, with data collected forming part of the AR biodiversity dataset.

The BioBlitz saw a total of over 280 species found in just 2-hours, and was also the formal launch of the University’s ‘Birds & Bees’ Biodiversity Enhancement Plan, which aims to make the university campus more wildlife friendly, enhance biological diversity, create wildlife corridors to enable animals to permeate through the city and make staff and students aware of the richness and variety of the natural environment.

Following the success of the event, it is hoped that the BioBlitz will be expanded with future activity being delivered in partnership with Devon Wildlife Trust and Exeter Wild City.

BioBlitz Photos

BioBlitz Photos

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