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Ich bin ein Berliner!

In 1963, John F. Kennedy inadvertently pronounced himself a jam doughnut whilst proclaiming his solidarity with the people of Berlin in the face of a newly-constructed barrier which physically divided the city.

With Glasnost and Perestroika leading to the reunification of city and country, the Berlin Wall became just a memory –  albeit with several preserved sections and a tourist cobblestone trail detailing the route of the structure across the city.  All very well, but it is sometimes difficult to understand the significance of reinforced concrete, when walking what is now a European capital like many others.   Enter stage left: AR!!

Indeed, one of the most interesting smartphone AR applications that we’ve seen so far is the use of 3D graphics within the Layar platform to recreate the wall and watchtowers of this imposing structure all along its former path through the city.  Whilst the visualisations omit the characteristic graffiti might be missing (albeit only on the West Berlin-facing front), this application further demonstrates the potential for AR in an informal learning context.

Screenshot of Berliner Mauer in Layar

Screenshot of Berliner Mauer in Layar

More information on this application is available on the Layar blog.

Is this a good use of the technology?  Can you think of other landmarks – on your campus or otherwise – which could benefit from a little AR?  Why not leave a comment below…

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