This project is funded by JISC under the Learning & Teaching Innovation Grant Programme.


Student Project Updates

We have been in regular contact with the two final-year Biosciences students who have been working on data collection over the past few weeks – see previous post.  Resources produced so far include a collection of vibrant photographs and species/ habitat information focusing around just one area of the campus.   Several points of interest have been identified and geo-referenced in preparation for a pilot AR implementation (more information to follow next week!).  Additionally, students have been working on producing a video time-lapse sequence, showing habitat changes over time.   The students have compiled a collage detailing  species/habitats identified and a sample of information collected so far.


Furthermore, we are beginning to develop the ‘layered’ approach to data interpretation with students’ having produced text copy for the interface.  A sample paper layout of how information could he accessed was featured within the collage as a series of paper flaps.


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