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Access Pathways

With a pre-pilot underway showcasing the range of data collected by project students, we are beginning to conceptualise how data can be both accessed and presented in the best educational and pedagogic contexts.

For the former, we anticipate two main entry points into the biodiversity data.  The first, and most concerned with this project, is accessed through augmented reality platforms such as Layar.  At present this is compatible with mobile devices running on the Andriod and iOS platforms, with further development rumoured for the Symbian and Bada platforms.

Short research is underway within the College of Life and Environmental Sciences to determine current Andorid/iOS ownership trends amongst students, with the knowledge that this is a fastly moving sector with comparative market shares changing all the time, as discussed in detail within our Review of Available Augmented Reality Packages report.

As demonstrated through the current pre-pilot project, this is the current interface for mobile devices…

Augmented Reality through Biodiversity

Equally, for those either a) without compatible mobile devices, or b) where it isn’t physically possible for users to access the survey area, an intuitive website could provide, through an interface such as google maps.  The following mock up demonstrates how such a system could appear to desktop/laptop web users, irrespective of their geographic location…

Possible Mockup of website

3 comments to Access Pathways

  • Kate Rekie

    Thanks for that awesome posting. 🙂

  • Mark Power

    Looks like the project is coming along nicely. Good choice of platform with Layar. I had used Junaio more but I think the UI of Layar is much more user friendly.

    Like the icon…are there really wooly mammoths on campus?? 😉

  • Hi Mark!

    Sadly we’ve no (confirmed) sightings of mammoths on the campus as yet! Although we were looking for an attractive ‘floaticon’ image for the initial pre-pilot and this open-source clipart image seemed to fit the bill…

    We’re on the look-out for more appropriate icons for the pilot testing – watch this space!!

    Best wishes,
    Project Developer

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