Welcome to the Osborne Lab website, based at the Environment and Sustainability Institute at the University of Exeter.

Our group broadly studies the behaviour and ecology of bees and other pollinators, often combining computer simulations with experimental work, both in the lab and in the field.

Our work is diverse, and frequently involves collaboration with beekeepers, conservation organisations, farmers and industry.


Professor Juliet Osborne  
Chair in Applied EcologyProfessor Juliet Osborne

My research looks at how insects and plants interact within the environment, and their role in the provision of ecosystem services. My work includes the study of pollination and pest regulation in crops. View my publications



Dr Peter Kennedy Research Fellow                                                 

My research looks at ecosystem service provision by insects, particularly pollinator ecology and behaviour.

I work to establish techniques and capabilities for cutting-edge research into the effects of environmental change on invertebrates. View my publications


Dr Matthias Becher Associate Research Fellow Matthias_B

I am interested in  colony organisation and division of labour in social bees. I combine experimental work with computer simulations to better understand the complex processes within a colony and its interactions with the environment. View my publications


Dr Ros ShawDr Ros Shaw Associate Research Fellow

My research investigates the impact of invertebrate biodiversity on crop production via the processes of pollination and pest regulation. I am particularly interested in interactions between plants and invertebrates. View my publications


Dr Emma Pilgrim Daphne Jackson Research FellowAustralia 134

I am an ecologist with an interest in alternative methods of food production. Through my BBSRC sponsored Daphne Jackson Fellowship, I am looking at the impact of Forest Gardens in the UK. These multi-layered agroforestry systems originate from the tropics.View my publications



web_Grace_Twiston-Davies_rh_218xfreeDr Grace Twiston-Davies Associate Research Fellow

I  am interested  in  the  ecology of  plants,  insects  and  landscapes and research that that can  inform  conservation,  policy  and  land  management. I  am  especially  passionate  about  research  that  aims to  make  the  most  of  our  landscapes  for  nature and for people. I  have previously studied  the  landscape-scale  wild  flower  meadow  restoration  at  the  Stonehenge  World  Heritage  Site  and  the  benefits  of  agi-environment  schemes  for  biodiversity. View my publications

admin-ajaxJack Rumkee PhD Student

My PhD is focusing on the risk assessment of pesticides on the honeybee. This will be attempted by creating a computer model of pesticides in the landscape to act as part of a larger honeybee model, BEEHAVE, developed by Dr Matthias Becher.


Jess Knapp PhD Student006Jessop

My PhD will investigate the effectiveness and abundance of pollinators (using courgettes as a model species), to determine whether pollination is limiting to crop quality or quantity and if so, under what conditions. I hope to use this information to explore ways of improving pollination within crop systems.


23768beBeth Roberts PhD Student

My research experience includes looking at the pollinator diversity and abundance in hedgerows and ditches surrounding agricultural fields. I am interested in looking at ways in which we can enhance our anthropogenic environment to support and increase wildlife.

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