Key Publications

So near and yet so far: Harmonic radar reveals reduced homing ability of Nosema infected honeybees

S Wolf, DP McMahon, KS Lim, CD Pull, SJ Clark, RJ Paxton, JL Osborne

PloS one 9 (8), e103989

BEEHAVE: modelling multifactorial causes of honeybee colony losses

MA Becher, JCO Rumkee, JL Osborne

17th Congress of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects …

BEEHAVE: a systems model of honeybee colony dynamics and foraging to explore multifactorial causes of colony failure

MA Becher, V Grimm, P Thorbek, J Horn, PJ Kennedy, JL Osborne

Journal of Applied Ecology 51 (2), 470-482

Disease associations between honeybees and bumblebees as a threat to wild pollinators

MA Fürst, DP McMahon, JL Osborne, RJ Paxton, MJF Brown

Nature 506 (7488), 364-366

Disease associations between honeybees and bumblebees: a threat to pollinators

M Fuerst, D McMahon, J Osborne, R Paxton, M Brown


The ontogeny of bumblebee flight trajectories: From naïve explorers to experienced foragers

JL Osborne, A Smith, SJ Clark, DR Reynolds, MC Barron, KS Lim, …

PloS one 8 (11), e78681

REVIEW: Towards a systems approach for understanding honeybee decline: a stocktaking and synthesis of existing models

MA Becher, JL Osborne, P Thorbek, PJ Kennedy, V Grimm

Journal of Applied Ecology 50 (4), 868-880

Identifying key knowledge needs for evidence‐based conservation of wild insect pollinators: a collaborative cross‐sectoral exercise

LV Dicks, A Abrahams, J Atkinson, J Biesmeijer, N Bourn, C Brown, …

Insect Conservation and Diversity 6 (3), 435-446

Effects of non‐host plant odour on Meligethes aeneus during immigration to oilseed rape

AL Mauchline, SM Cook, W Powell, JL Osborne

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 146 (3), 313-320

Unravelling the mechanisms of trapline foraging in bees

M Lihoreau, NE Raine, AM Reynolds, RJ Stelzer, KS Lim, AD Smith, …

Communicative & integrative biology 6 (1), e22701

A strong immune response in young adult honeybees masks their increased susceptibility to infection compared to older bees

JC Bull, EV Ryabov, G Prince, A Mead, C Zhang, LA Baxter, JK Pell, …

PLoS pathogens 8 (12), e1003083

Ecology: Bumblebees and pesticides

JL Osborne

Nature 491 (7422), 43-45

Using citizen science to monitor Bombus populations in the UK: nesting ecology and relative abundance in the urban environment

GC Lye, JL Osborne, KJ Park, D Goulson

Journal of Insect Conservation 16 (5), 697-707

Radar tracking and motion-sensitive cameras on flowers reveal the development of pollinator multi-destination routes over large spatial scales

M Lihoreau, NE Raine, AM Reynolds, RJ Stelzer, KS Lim, AD Smith, …

PLoS biology 10 (9), e1001392

Bumblebee vulnerability and conservation world-wide

PH Williams, JL Osborne

Apidologie 40 (3), 367-387

Flight metabolic rate and Pgi genotype influence butterfly dispersal rate in the field

K Niitepõld, AD Smith, JL Osborne, DR Reynolds, NL Carreck, AP Martin, …

Ecology 90 (8), 2223-2232

Bumblebee flight distances in relation to the forage landscape

JL Osborne, AP Martin, NL Carreck, JL Swain, ME Knight, D Goulson, …

Journal of Animal Ecology 77 (2), 406-415

Quantifying and comparing bumblebee nest densities in gardens and countryside habitats

JL Osborne, AP Martin, CR Shortall, AD Todd, D Goulson, ME Knight, …

Journal of Applied Ecology 45 (3), 784-792

Honeybees perform optimal scale-free searching flights when attempting to locate a food source

AM Reynolds, AD Smith, DR Reynolds, NL Carreck, JL Osborne

Journal of Experimental Biology 210 (21), 3763-3770

An interspecific comparison of foraging range and nest density of four bumblebee (Bombus) species

ME Knight, AP Martin, S Bishop, JL Osborne, RJ Hale, RA Sanderson, …

Molecular Ecology 14 (6), 1811-1820

Effects on weed and invertebrate abundance and diversity of herbicide management in genetically modified herbicide-tolerant winter-sown oilseed rape

DA Bohan, CWH Boffey, DR Brooks, SJ Clark, AM Dewar, LG Firbank, …

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 272 (1562), 463-474

Tracking butterfly flight paths across the landscape with harmonic radar

ET Cant, AD Smith, DR Reynolds, JL Osborne

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 272 (1565), 785-790

Responses of plants and invertebrate trophic groups to contrasting herbicide regimes in the Farm Scale Evaluations of genetically modified herbicide–tolerant crops

C Hawes, AJ Haughton, JL Osborne, DB Roy, SJ Clark, JN Perry, …

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B …

An introduction to the Farm‐Scale Evaluations of genetically modified herbicide‐tolerant crops

LG Firbank, MS Heard, IP Woiwod, C Hawes, AJ Haughton, GT Champion, …

Journal of Applied Ecology 40 (1), 2-16

Invertebrate responses to the management of genetically modified herbicide–tolerant and conventional spring crops. ii. within-field epigeal and aerial arthropods

AJ Haughton, GT Champion, C Hawes, MS Heard, DR Brooks, DA Bohan, …

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B …

On the rationale and interpretation of the Farm Scale Evaluations of genetically modified herbicide-tolerant crops

GR Squire, DR Brooks, DA Bohan, GT Champion, RE Daniels, …

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B …

Invertebrates and vegetation of field margins adjacent to crops subject to contrasting herbicide regimes in the farm scale evaluations of genetically modified herbicide–tolerant crops

DB Roy, DA Bohan, AJ Haughton, MO Hill, JL Osborne, SJ Clark, …

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B …

Ontogeny of orientation flight in the honeybee revealed by harmonic radar

EA Capaldi, AD Smith, JL Osborne, SE Fahrbach, SM Farris, …

Nature 403 (6769), 537-540

An economic model of the limits to foraging range in central place foragers with numerical solutions for bumblebees

JE Cresswell, JL Osborne, D Goulson

Ecological Entomology 25 (3), 249-255

A landscape‐scale study of bumble bee foraging range and constancy, using harmonic radar

JL Osborne, SJ Clark, RJ Morris, IH Williams, JR Riley, AD Smith, …

Journal of Applied Ecology 36 (4), 519-533

Tracking bees with harmonic radar

JR Riley, AD Smith, DR Reynolds, AS Edwards, JL Osborne, IH Williams, …

Nature 379 (6560), 29-30

Bees and the pollination of crops and wild flowers in the European Community

SA Corbet, IH Williams, JL Osborne

Bee world 72 (2), 47-59

Bees, pollination and habitat change in the European community

JL Osborne, IH Williams, SA Corbet

Bee world 72 (3), 99-116

Beekeeping, wild bees and pollination in the European Community

IH Williams, SA Corbet, JL Osborne

Bee World 72 (4), 170-180

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