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There she blows? Unlocking the mysteries of deep ocean cetaceans

Researchers use genetic tools to reveal new insights into populations of the secretive Gray’s beaked whale throughout the waters of New Zealand and across to West Australia.

Exeter researchers and school pupils track ticks to reveal Lyme disease hotspots

Academics and undergraduates from the University of Exeter are set to work with school pupils from Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester on a new study to explore the distribution of Lyme disease in the region.

Local schools join the fight against bacterial resistance

Researchers from Biosciences will be working closely with school pupils from Newton Abbot College as part of the Small World Initiative which aims to discover new antibiotics from soil bacteria.

Exeter aims to bring marine science to life within the national curriculum.

Researchers in Biosciences have been working closely with collaborators to produce a set of exciting free educational resources which aim to bring marine research to life in schools nationwide.

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