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Exeter researchers secure funding to sequence cryptic fungal genomes, one cell at a time

Funding from the United States Department for Energy, Joint Genome Institute (DOE JGI) has been awarded to an international team of researchers, including Dr Thomas Richards, to sequence the genomes of “uncultivable fungi” sampled directly from the environment.

Exeter’s horn of plenty… ExeBioCon 2015

Proposed, planned and executed by postgraduates, the success of ExeBioCon 2015 puts it on a sure footing for an annual appearance.

Plant pests and pathogens under the crosshair in Penryn

The British Ecological Society brings together experts from around the world this July to discuss the challenges plant pests and pathogens pose to global food security and ecosystem resilience.

Don’t take things for “granted”…

Biosciences newly reformed Early Career Researcher Network (ECRN) are kicking off the spring with the opportunity to ask all your pressing questions about how to write and target a successful grant application during a workshop on the 15th April.

Over 50 years of marine litter research now available to all in new book

University of Exeter researcher, Professor Tamara Galloway, has contributed to one of the most expansive summaries of our knowledge of man-made litter in the world’s oceans to date. The new book, Marine Anthropogenic Litter is published by Springer, and is set to be available through open access allowing its content to reach the wider audience that is so necessary to raise awareness of this important challenge.em>

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