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Environmental Modelling and Regulation in Catchments - BRIM - Building Resilience Into risk Management

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Environmental Modelling and Regulation in Catchments

Bristol, 27-28 Aug 2019

Session 1        Specialised Topics (27th Aug)

3:00       Introductions (Guangtao to chair)

3:15       Fair share and catchments statistics (Neil Murdoch)

3:45       The Impact of Innovative Permitting Policy on Urban Waste Water System Performance (Fanlin Meng)

4:15       Bacti loads to Marine Environment (Peter Jonas)

4:30        Discussion and arrangements for next day

Session 2        Current and Future issues (28th Aug)

9:15     Introductions (Guangtao to chair)

9:30     Environment Agency context – Modelling Strategy (Neil Murdoch)

9:45      SAGIS-SIMCAT System & Risk modelling (Carlos Constantino)

10:15   Statistical paradigm – Monte-Carlo Modelling (Tony Warn)

10:45   Chemicals and Plymouth University research (Sean Comber)

11:15    Tea/Coffee

11:30   Agricultural Impacts and Management (Yusheng Zhang)

12:00   Water Quality and Ecology (Mike Dunbar & John Murray Bligh)

12:45    Lunch

13:30   Digital environment: the role of data analytics and AI (Guangtao Fu)

14:00   Marine Modelling (Karen Edwards)

Session 3        Open Discussion (28th Aug)

14:30    Discussion Topics

  • Key issues for future
  • Gaps in :
    • understanding
    • approach
    • tools
    • regulation/policy
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