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The Influence of Weather and Climate Variability on Water Resources Management - BRIM - Building Resilience Into risk Management

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The Influence of Weather and Climate Variability on Water Resources Management


23rd January (pm) and 24th January (am) 2017

Mercure Exeter Rougemont Hotel, Queen St, Exeter EX4 3SP, UK

This is a joint workshop organised by the EPSRC networks ReCoVER (Research in Change of Variability and Environmental Risk) and BRIM (Building Resilience into Risk Management). The organisers are Peter Ashwin (Exeter) and Guangtao Fu (Exeter).

The aim of the workshop is to explore how weather/climate variability will shape water resources management in the long term and identify themes for research that could help develop management strategies to better cope with the variability in means and extremes. For example, we will explore some of the challenges that arise from:
• Understanding weather/climate variability and climatic risk on water resources management.
• Relations between weather variability and fluctuations in water supply capacity and water demand.
• Longer-term challenges of climate change on meeting water demand.
• Developing and using climate forecasts for water infrastructure planning and management.
• Developing resilient water supply to weather/climate variability.

We plan to have a number of presentations from researchers that will raise particular research problems, and follow this by a workshop-style meeting where participants will be encouraged to engage across disciplinary boundaries.

Draft Programme

First session (23rd January, 2017)

12:00    Buffet Lunch on Arrival

13:00    Introduction  Peter Ashwin & Guangtao Fu

13:15    Future changes in rainfall   Mat Collins

13:45    Future changes in summer wind and convective precipitation over the UK and Europe from a regional climate simulation   Alan Gadian

13:55    The quest for water vapour parametrization in weather and climate models   Yue-Kin Tsang

14:05    Real options and robust adaptive management in irrigated agriculture and urban drainage supporting the next generation of UK climate change projections Michael Green

14:15    Tea & Coffee Break

14:45    Water resources management under uncertain climate change predictions: Linking hydrology to decision-making  Francesca Pianosi

15:15    Designing and applying water resource planning approaches in the UK   Julien Harou

15:45    Optimisation of water resources operation and how to bridge this into practice   Barnaby Dobson

15:55    Climate change and variability and its influence on the resilience and vulnerably of water infrastructure Examples from Scotland   Alexandre Gagnon

16:05    Quantitative and qualitative Robust Decision Making for water resources adaptation decision making under uncertainty   Ajay Bhave

16:15    Smart Cities: Synergies between SuDS and Rainfall Harvesting Systems   Bruno Venturini

16:25    Planning for extreme droughts: Current approaches for developing extreme drought scenarios and options for developing new methods   Steven Wade

16:55    Discussion

17:30    Session end

19:00    Workshop Dinner


Second session (24th January, 2017)

09:00    How should evidence inform operational decisions in an uncertain world   Paul Leinster

09:30    Structured discussions

10:30    Tea & Coffee Break

11:00    Structured discussions

11:45    Wrap-up Session

12:00    Buffet Lunch

13:00    Depart


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