BSc Business: What is the Difference?

Picture By Jim Wileman - BSc Business Bootcamp, 2016, Fistral.

Picture By Jim Wileman – BSc Business Bootcamp, 2016, Fistral.

Picking a degree specialism to study for the next three years can be a daunting task and a little overwhelming. We understand you have enough difficult decisions to make, so this blog post is designed to make picking a Business course at Exeter at least a little easier for you to decide. Here is a list of the top differences between BSc Business versus BA Business and Management.


The Campus is Different

BSc Business is located on the Penryn Campus in Cornwall, whereas BA Business and Management is on the Streatham Campus, Exeter. Whilst smaller than the Streatham Campus, Penryn offers a vibrant student community of over 4,000 other students, 44 different sports clubs, and 62 different societies. The Campus is shared with Falmouth University, and set in 100 acres of countryside. Penryn frequently rates in the top 10 for student satisfaction in the UK, so don’t be put off by the smaller size!

BSc Business is the only degree to offer both study abroad, and employability within the same programme

BSc Business offers something unique: not only do you gain hands-on work experience every year of your degree, you can now do a year abroad or an industrial placement. Combining these two elements into one degree will provide you with a distinctive edge in the job market.

The course content is different

BSc Business differs in that it is designed to address contemporary challenges faced by businesses in a climate changing era, with a focus on sustainability and ethics. Many of the academics within the Penryn Campus specialise in sustainability research, meaning the programme draws strongly from the research of these academics. 33% of our research comes from the Penryn Campus – meaning you will be at the centre of cutting edge sustainability research if you choose to study BSc Business. Many lecturers from the Streatham Campus also teach on the Penryn Campus.

BSc Business is more practical, and involves work-experience

Each year of the BSc degree involves a practical work placement within a broad option of businesses. There is also a strong focus on skill development, such as team work, research, and problem solving.  In contrast, the BA Business and Management programme is a more ‘traditional’ programme, and does not incorporate work experience into the course.

BSc Business is unique

A number of other unique features set the Penryn course apart from its Streatham counterparts. An example of this is that BSc Business could involve trips to a uniquely sustainable holiday company, which also generates sustainable electricity, or even the Eden Project. Penryn students get exclusive access to an e-book containing up to 12 directly relevant module texts, saving over £500 in course books.

BSc Business is more of a close-knit course than BA Business and Management, providing students with the ability to interact easier with academic staff, and also to get to know everyone on the course. The course was also new to 2015, meaning it is founded on contemporary business issues and research.

Hopefully, you are now aware of how the BSc Business differs from the BA Business and Management course. If you have any further queries about the course, do not hesitate to contact the admissions team:

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