Ambitious Penryn Students to launch Asian Grocery Store in Falmouth

A second year BSc Business student, Andrew Ngai, will be taking his Business skills from the classroom to the streets of Falmouth with his own business – an Asian grocery store, alongside his studies. The Business, called “Asia Delights” is due to open January 23rd 2017, with fellow students and business partners Yu Chuan Tan (Renewable Energy student), Kinman Chu (Ecology student), and Melissa Ong (Falmouth University alumni).

“As students of Asian ethnicity studying near Falmouth, we have always talked about opening an Asian grocery store in town,” said Andrew Ngai. “There is an obvious lack of availability of Asian goods, despite a demand for it. Coupled with our entrepreneurial ambitions, we decided that instead of talking about opening a store all the time, to just go and do it.”

The grocery store, Asian Delights, will sell a diverse range of Asian snacks, drinks, condiments and frozen foods. Depending on business performance, the ambitious students would like to branch into fresh foods in the future. The store will be the first of its kind in Falmouth, and have already trialled their idea at the Christmas market on campus.

Andrew is a current second year student on the BSc Business course at the University of Exeter Penryn Business School. He feels the knowledge gained from his course so far has made him more aware of the many challenges and aspects of setting up a business.

The Business will plan to open right before the Chinese New Year on January 23rd 2017. You can follow the student’s journey and business on their Facebook page:, and enquiries can be made to: . On behalf of the Business School, we wish the students every success in their new venture.

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