Update: Asian Grocery Store run by students now Open in Falmouth

Second year BSc Business student, Andrew Ngai, along with fellow students, have now opened the doors to Falmouth’s first Asian grocery store. His story was originally reported earlier this month, and can be found on the blog here. Andrew and fellow students and business partners: Yu Chuan Tan (Renewable Energy student); Kinman Chu (Ecology student), and Melissa Ong (Falmouth University alumni), identified a gap in Falmouth’s high street.

To find out more about what it is like to open a business whilst studying, we caught up with Andrew to find out more about his business venture:

“Opening a business was difficult in the beginning because the process of setting up required a lot of time and effort. Now that the store has opened, it is easier to manage along with my studies since we have a team of people helping to run the store day to day. We use an online scheduling tool called “teamup” to divide up the timeslots that we are available.

Each of us has a different role in the Business. Tan Yu Chuan looks at how the business can develop over time, and I take on the role of sales (products to stock, market research, predicting consumer trends, and building partnerships with takeout restaurants etc.) Kinman Chu is the operations manager, and Melissa Ong is our marketing director. But we also help each other out with our roles at times.

Opening a business is both exciting and surreal at the same time, since I am completely new to running a business. The opening day was great – a lot of students and locals visited the store and congratulated us. The sales were better than we expected, and there were a lot of requests on certain products that people want us to try and get. Overall, it was a successful first day of opening.”

Asia Delights are currently offering an exclusive 5% discount on all purchases by liking their Facebook page.

On behalf of the Business School, we are delighted with Andrew’s achievements, and wish him every success for the future.



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