BSc Business Students set up Hispanic Society

Alize Lawson and Marta de la Figuera

The idea to set up a Hispanic Society was initiated by Spanish third year BSc Business student Marta de la Figuera in May 2017, reaching out to her friends and classmates: Alizee Lawson, Marta Perez-Maura de la Mora and Carla Moreno De Tejada from Politics, the four formed the foundations of the Hispanic Society, currently acting as President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and Treasurer.

Marta de la Figurea (Left) Alize Lawson (Right)

After forum voting session and liaising with FXU on the paperwork, the society recruited the rest of the current committee members: Alexander Loakes and Hamza Qazi (BSc Business), Alvaro Mato (FcH Business), Bettina Latuff and Lucia Dougall (Politics) all as Social Secretaries and Dani Cowell (English Lit) as Communications Officer.

‘’At Freshers Fair the Hispanic Society recruited over 250 student’s signatures. Our first event was a successful screening of the movie ‘City of God’ followed shortly by a fund raiser selling Spanish tortilla in the Compass, running a competition alongside, ‘buy a slice and enter our prize draw’ for the chance to win two tickets for the societies inaugural event, selling out within the first hour. The Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) launch event at Cribbs in November turned out to be more popular than we ever expected, tickets on the door selling out immediately with many begging to get in throughout the whole night! We had covered the venue in sugar skulls which made the atmosphere feel like the real Mexican holiday with students Thomas Lambeaux and Paul Bertrand DJ’ing.’’ by Alize Lawson

‘’The FXU Hispanic society, couldn´t be more proud of what we have achieved this year as a new society.  The work and love we have put into this society made us get the silver accreditation which is a considerable achievement. We have organised some very successful events throughout the whole year. In our latest event, we brought the famous Rio Carnival to Falmouth in collaboration with Habaneros. The event was a complete success with plenty of Latin and tropical vibes. I think we can all agree that this year was full of new experiences and this society is an excellent way to learn about the Hispanic music, food and dancing, a lot of dancing.

We wanted to thank everyone which made this possible, the members of the committee, our dedicated DJs and photographer, friends and members of the society. We are sure that next year committee will bring this society even further by getting everyone involved, Hispanic and non-Hispanic and create a fun environment where we can show people there is a lot to know about the Hispanic culture’’  by Marta de la Figuera

Find out more on the Hispanic Society Page

Hispanic Society University of Exeter Penryn


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