A day in my life on the BSc Business degree

Hi, I’m Jess, a second-year BSc Business student at the University of Exeter Penryn Campus in Cornwall. Here’s a typical day at uni:

10am Strategic Concepts for Business lecture

I get from Falmouth to Campus via one of the many buses that are just a minute’s walk from my house (ideal!). Friends and I get to uni, find our lecture room and set up our laptops with slides already uploaded to ELE – our online portal. We cover different types of strategy and how they’re seen in practice.

After the lecture, friends and I go to The Stannary to get some food (as a vegan you might have thought it’d be hard to find something, but they have a range of foods to cover dietary requirements – if The Stannary doesn’t have what you’re looking for “The Shop” on campus probably will!)

2pm Sustainability Enterprise Economy lecture

The BSc Business course at Penryn has a focus on sustainability, which is really interesting and topical. Honestly, I’d hardly heard of it before coming to university, but since studying here, it’s opened up a career path to me that I had never considered. Because this topic is so relevant, and businesses need to adapt their practices, it feels as though we are right on the cusp of a major shift in behaviours. Meaning that by the time we graduate, employers will be looking for candidates with knowledge of sustainability and how to implement it.

Unwinding post uni

I head home by getting the bus from the on-campus bus stop (luckily there’s often one there waiting). My flatmates and I head out for some drinks to celebrate a friend’s birthday. There’s a bunch of nice places in Falmouth; we decide on Games Room for a couple of drinks and games of pool (though I’m sure my team would rather I spectated than participated).

Though I’ve not taken part in any today, the University societies are vast. You can surf, do yoga and even write for the newspaper. You can also take extra-curricular language classes in French, Spanish, German and more.

Really, days at university change constantly, due to the range of modules you study, and which deadlines are looming. My favourite thing about going to uni down here is being able to go to the beach after lectures – just look at it 😍

Hopefully this will help you envision life at uni here and if it’s for you!


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