Meet Bsc Business Student Aula Ourtashi


“There are only about 40 people in our programme, so it’s very close-knit and we get a lot of one-to-one attention from the teaching staff.”

“I’ve lived in Dubai my whole life, and been surrounded by people from the same culture as me, so I really wanted to experience something different.

I chose this university in particular because of its high rankings and the idea of studying business appealed a lot. I’d always enjoyed it as a subject at high school, and the programme I’m doing means you can study lots of different areas of business to see where your interests lie.

So far, I am most enjoying Marketing, Business and Society and Workplace Wellbeing is also interesting in terms of giving us an insight into the HR side of organisations. I also like the fact we do a work placement in each year of the programme, so we get first-hand business experience as part of our studies.

Before coming here, I was a bit worried about being in a big lecture hall with hundreds of other students. But there are only about 40 people on our programme, so it’s very close-knit and we get a lot of one-to-one attention from the teaching staff and get to know our classmates really well. You bump into people you know all the time, and that makes for a very friendly atmosphere.

Towards the beginning of the programme, the whole cohort went on a trip to a local holiday park and that was a great chance to get to know everyone and find out where their strengths and business interests lie.

Outside the programme, there’s a lot going on to help you mix with other students as well. I’ve joined two societies so far, the Feminist Society and the Afro Caribbean Society. It’s a way to meet like minded people from other programmes and to explore things I’m interested in, as well as socialising together.

The other thing I’ve been impressed by so far is the amount of support available to us. When I first arrived, I had a number of practical things I needed to sort out as an international student, like my bank account, and I got lots of help with that. We have regular meetings with our tutors where we can ask any questions about our programme, and we were also assigned a mentor when we first arrived, who was already a student here, and they helped us find our way around and make the most of all the things that are going on.

I’d say this is a great place to come if you’re looking for a quieter, more relaxed environment. It’s a nice place to study, and there’s plenty to do and experience as a student here. It’s certainly a big change for me, after living in a big city like Dubai, but it was a change I wanted so I am very happy to be here.”


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