Meet Bsc Business Student Nadja Kaukiainen


With a keen interest in business running through her family, coming to the University of Exeter Business School at Penryn to study the subject was a natural decision for Nadja.

“Business is a big part of my family. Many of my relatives are business owners themselves, and they have all studied business in some form or other, so I knew that was the route I wanted to take. My aim is to get into music management one day so that I can combine my love of music with my passion for business, and this course is a fantastic preparation for that.

It’s a smaller programme and campus than ones at other universities, but for me that has many distinct advantages. We get much more focused attention on our course and many opportunities that wouldn’t be available at a bigger campus. For example, we recently went on a networking event with local business entrepreneurs, where we had the chance to talk to and connect with them. It was a bit intimidating at first, but I learnt a lot from it and found out lots of useful information about how different businesses work.

Everything we’re learning is aimed at preparing us for work and life later on, and I can definitely see the relevance of what we’re studying to my future plans. In Workplace Wellbeing, for example, we’re not just learning the theory, but are given practical examples about how people’s wellbeing can be improved by making simple changes to their work space and conditions.

It was somewhat of an adjustment coming to a small town, but I love it now. It’s a beautiful environment – known locally by the students as ‘Falifornia’ due to its proximity to Falmouth and the beaches. Although it’s quieter than some places, there’s still so much to occupy you. I play tennis a few times a week, which has helped me to feel at home here; there are also many clubs, bars and shops in Falmouth to keep you busy, as well as many different societies you can join on campus.

If I can offer any advice to people thinking of doing this course, it would be definitely to go for it. You learn many useful things, and university is a great experience. This degree is unique in lots of ways, in that it’s so small and you have that space to talk to your lecturers whenever, and to really get to know your fellow students. I love that about it, and I think I’ll be getting a lot more from my university experience because of that.”


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