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The Particle Laboratory

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Learn how to script particle physics! Every facet of particle creation for SL is covered in this in-depth tutorial. Particles function as prims on microscopic scale whereby you can add a significant number of particles to your prim to create a variety of visual effects. Just as with prims particles can be added scripts to give the particles behaviours and actions however these are somewhat limited compared to regular scripts. You have to tour each section in set order or else what you are learning is liable to be confusing.

Now this is a particular point I want to focus on. If imagine for a moment that the information about creating particles was distilled into book form and you were reading this text book With a textbook in the real world you start at the front read left to right to the bottom of the page and turn the page when you have finished each page. When the information is dispersed across a virtual landscape such as this, the designer needs to construct an environment that clearly guides the user and their avatar through the information in relevant order.  With the particle laboratory this has been largely well realised, each “chapter” is clearly marked with sub headings and the relevant information is sequential arranged so that you can clearly see the logical connection between one “page” and the next. There is even a sandbox in the middle of the location for testing out your new techniques.

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