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A rough guide to Twitter

“Twitter lets me hear from a lot of people in a very short period of time.” –Robert Scoble, blogger (Source)

“Whoever said that things have to be useful?
– Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder and

If there’s one thing harder than using twitter it is talking about twitter in a meaningful way. The two above quotes nicely sum up what are the most significant elements about twitter. Firstly that it is full of up-to-the-minute information from across the web and secondly no one knows what exactly to do with it.

Here’s how Twitter works. You want to promote an academic research conference, you have a twitter account and “tweet” a message to your followers saying “Academic research conference on Tuesday”. This is then sent to your followers who have chosen to follow you. They find this entertaining and spread this to their followers by re-tweeting (or rt for short). This message spreads to others who follow them. Until people all other the world know about your conference. This is the essence of viral marketing.

Of course this tends not to happen with academic conferences and you need to find a meaningful audience for your interests and research. I’m going to add a few more posts this week explaining how to do this with mind for researchers and academics.

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