Felled tree near Queen’s

We have recently felled a tree at Queen’s.  The Scots Pine Tree located near Queens Drive was recently inspected and a Picus survey carried out.  As you can see a large amount of rot was picked up by the survey – brown coloured areas show sound, healthy wood, the brighter colours show areas of damage, with pink and blue being the worst.

Picus report - Scots Pine

Picus report – Scots Pine

When you look at the photos of the trunk of the tree after it was felled you can see the extent of the damage.  Please note that the cross section of the trunk below is slightly different as the Picus scan was taken at the base of the tree, whereas this cross section is from further up the trunk.

Felled tree Queens 2

The tree stump

This could have led to failure of the tree and  would have been a risk to people, vehicles and property.  The tree will be replaced.

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