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Written by Annabelle, second year Business and Management with International study student.

I’ve got to say, every day in Exeter is different! My study timetable, modules and socialising means each day is unique depending on what I’ve got going on. The beauty of being at the University of Exeter is that you get the chance to make each day your own; so I’m going to give you a general idea of what I get up to.

To start with, I get up most days around 8am, get ready and head off to campus (it’s only a 15 minute walk), thinking about what I have to study that day and the exciting events I have going on.

I always try to grab my usual spot in the library, where I spend most of my days in-between lectures and tutorials. This gives me the opportunity to read through my previous lecture notes and add to them – so that when proper exam revision comes around it’s a lot easier! I also prepare for my tutorials and work on any assignments I have – these can be group work, reports or essays. It’s really nice bumping into friends too – a good excuse to take a break. Most of my friends are international which reflects the diversity of the university; so my conversations might be in French, English or even Italian and cover everything from travelling and politics to food and people. This is one of the things that makes me love every single moment of being at Exeter.

Then it’s 1:30pm, lunchtime! I either have something homemade I brought with me or grab a salad at Prêt a Manger. Occasionally, I sit outside the campus Costa café when it’s not too cold and the weather is nice. It’s one of my favourite spots to have a break and enjoy the nice air because it’s at the top of campus and overlooks the city. Sometimes I have lunch on the sofas next to Comida, or I head down to La Touche, which is the best canteen on campus and located at the Business School.

In terms of studying, I always go to all my lectures and tutorials. I mostly have lessons during the afternoon, like my Organisational Behaviour or Operations Management lectures (second year modules), or Accounting or Spanish tutorials.

Then comes that time of the day, around 6pm when you start yawning and you want to head home! I often leave the library around that time depending on how much work I have. Sometimes I’ll go to the campus gym around 7pm (If I still have the energy), otherwise I’ll fit it in earlier in the day, either in the morning or between lectures.

The evenings are a great time to socialise and the nightlife in Exeter is so much fun; there is always something going on. I often go for a drink with friends or out for dinner. I’ll go clubbing or to a house party maybe once a week, and I attend some society events like socials organised by the European Society, or talks with external speakers. There was a great talk about digital marketing presented by a Google employee and hosted by the Entrepreneur society. Being part of a few societies has given me the opportunity to constantly have something to do and meet new people from all over the world like India, Spain and America. It’s great having so many different and social things to do in my spare time – it’s never boring!

Lastly, I go to bed most nights around 11pm (I’m an early bird!). I reflect on what I have done and learnt during the day, whether it’s in a classroom, a conversation I had, reading a book or having a walk down town; I’m constantly learning. The University of Exeter is full of culture and experiences that make me richer and wiser every single day.


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