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It’s good to talk! One to one (1:1) appointments with the Postgraduate Careers Consultants

One of the great things we can offer to students who come to study with us at the Business School is the possibility of having 1:1 appointments with our qualified and experienced Postgraduate Career Consultants.

What exactly is a 1:1 careers appointment?
You can book a 30 minute confidential meeting with a Postgraduate Career Consultant to discuss anything you want in relation to your career. You may want to talk about how you find part-time work or a graduate job, how you improve your curriculum vitae (CV or résumé), complete an application form for a job, prepare for a job interview or discuss how you can make decisions about what role or career you would like after you graduate. The choice is yours!

Where will they take place?
The appointments take place within the Business School Career Zone in one of a number of private interview rooms.

How do I book an appointment?
You will be able to book an appointment online with the Business School Postgraduate Career Consultants through the ‘My Career Zone’ online portal once you are fully registered student on your programme here at the university.

‘My Career Zone’ is our brilliant online employability portal where you will find out about a whole range of events such as career fairs, skills workshops, employer visits to campus as well as job vacancies for internships and graduate level jobs from employers interested in University of Exeter students and graduates. It contains a huge amount of advice and information which can help you with your career and your employability. My Career Zone is described in more detail on our website

How do I prepare for my appointment?
It depends. For example, if you want to work on a document like your CV or a job application, it would be helpful to bring a draft copy to the appointment. If you have some ideas about your career, do some thinking or research about that career before the appointment. However, don’t worry too much about preparing and don’t let that stop you booking your first appointment.

How many can I have during the year?
We aim to help build your confidence in knowing how to make great applications for jobs, positive decisions in relation to your own career and how to access the resources you need. This can sometimes take one or two appointments or it may take more; everyone is different.

What if I am not 100% sure what job I want to do after I have finished my studies? Can I still book an appointment?
We get asked this question a lot and it is a fantastic reason for you to book an appointment! In a friendly and relaxed way we encourage and guide you to identify your skills, your values and your career aspirations and then work with you to identify the sectors and roles that you might be interested in researching as part of your future.

Can I book a one to one appointment after I finish my studies?
Of course! At Exeter we have the ‘Exeter Forever’ initiative for the students who have graduated, our alumni, which means you will always have access to the careers support at Exeter. What if you are not in Exeter or the UK after you graduate? No problem! We can arrange a 1:1 appointment wherever you are in the world via Skype.

So, hopefully that answers some of your questions about 1 career appointments. Really looking forward to meeting you in one of them!

Liz Robertson
PG Career Consultant
June 2019


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