Posted by on 10th May, 2019

Written by Ruby Xiao (肖远) studying at the University of Exeter Business School.

On 3rd February 2019, the Spring Gala (春晚) organised by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA Exeter) took place at the Great Hall. It was attended by more than 100 students, to celebrate Lunar New Year together in a Chinese way.

The performance includes Chinese traditional dancing, Chinese traditional instrument Guqin (古琴) performance, singing, and contemporary dancing, accompanied with various prize draws to add surprise and excitement to the New Year. Below are some photos from the Gala, provided by the CSSA. The Gala was ended by the World Music Choir, formed by University students and locals of different nationalities, with 3 songs in 3 different languages.

On Sunday 2nd  February 2020, starting from 3 pm till 6.15 pm, the Chinese Market is back and waiting for you in the forum. Come with your friends and learn more about Chinese culture and get some goodies and face painting, before the fireworks outside of the Business School in the evening!


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