Goodbye, Hello Again and Welcome

It is a strange time of year for us here in the Career Zone.

We have said GOODBYE to our last year’s finalists; the third years, the fourth years and postgrads. Hopefully they will have left with some fond memories, a good degree and a good career ahead of them. We wish them well and urge them to remember that they get three years of help from us after they have graduated. By email, phone, Skype and in person (in Exeter or Penryn) if you return to visit.

We say HELLO AGAIN to our returning students.  A good summer spent refreshing the batteries, ready for the challenge, and enjoyment, of another year. Second years will be making most of all the opportunities that Career Zone offers. The lectures, the workshops, career fairs, one to ones and those evening employer events,  where you may meet your future employer or at least quaff a free drink and munch on a free nibble.  Be aware that the second year goes by much more quickly than the first. Take time to appreciate what is here; the wonderful Forum, the grounds (last September had a late bout of hot weather), your friends and Exeter and Devon. If you are a returning finalist, remember that this year goes the quickest. Blink and you can miss it. Good luck with the exams.

And HELLO to you freshers.

Congratulations, you are at a top university and one with the most satisfied students in the Russell Group. We want you to achieve and to have a good time.

Settle in, make friends and work hard.

Start your career journey with eXfactor and start to think about your plans. Use what is on offer to get to where you want to be.

And the strangest thing about September for us? Every year we say the same thing; goodbye, hello again and welcome.

Andy Morgan

Web Marketing Officer

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