Getting a Part-Time Job

Having a part-time while you study doesn’t just help pay the rent; it can really boost your professional skills, and make your CV stand out to graduate recruiters. Finding a job in Exeter can feel daunting, but Jen Hardwick, Student Employment Co-ordinator tells us how it’s done.

What’s out there?

Everything really! We’ve advertised jobs from working on a mushroom farm in Exeter to stewarding opportunities with BBC’s ‘Flog It’. The opportunities are varied, local and paid. Some of the jobs we advertise only employ you for one day, some exist only during Term time, and others expect you to commit a few hours each week all year round. However, the University recommends not working more than 15 hours a week, and you may have to be more flexible than you thought about your shift pattern.

Study to be a barrister, work as a barista (sorry)
Study to be a barrister, work as a barista (sorry)

What should I go for?

Most of the jobs we advertise are retail and catering positions in the city centre. During the Autumn Term many shops are recruiting for part-time staff for the busy Christmas period. This means they want you to stay and work throughout December and January. These jobs are ideal for International students* and anyone staying near Exeter during vacation periods.

*If you’re planning on working here for the first time and are not from the UK you will probably need a National Insurance number

Term-time jobs on campus are the most popular positions, so expect these to be very competitive: An easy way to search for these is to type ‘University of Exeter’ as a keyword to MyCareerZone and select the ‘casual term time work’ option in the ‘type of work’ category. These roles include working in the Ram, Marketplace or in various departments at the University, but can also include Brand Ambassador roles which can give you great experience in sales and networking.

If you already have a skill or business StudentTraders can connect you to local employers in the community, and can give your free stall at our annual craft fair to sell your products, boost your entrepreneurial skills, and earn income. Working in the community as tutor, childminder or gardener shows the ability to build positive relationships and are usually minimal hours but well paid.

How do I find these jobs?

We have a team who source local part-time work, and we also receive requests from employers on campus and in the local area to promote their opportunities. Each day we add these new jobs to MyCareerZone. For this reason alone, it’s the best place to start your search.

Other great places to find work include our Casual Jobs and Internships Fair, we run one in October, and one in February. These events enable employers from the local area to come onto campus and advertise their roles face to face with students. All these employers are looking for students to work for them either immediately over the vacation periods or are recruiting for bank staff.

Can you help me find a job, or help with my job application?

Absolutely. If you’d like some support please come and ask for a ‘Job Search’ appointment in the Career Zone. We’ll spend 15 minutes helping you to find the most relevant opportunities for your situation, and we can check your CV too.

We hope this helps

Check out our tips on finding part time work and don’t forget that we’re here to help. Email or book a Job Search appointment if you have any questions.

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