Progress update!

Some thoughts on developments at the University of Exeter in recent weeks…

Our ‘opening conversations’ has continued, and we have gained some very interesting and candid reflections on he.  In addition to a forthcoming written base-lining report, we have captured many short talking head’ video clips and we are testing our own digital literacy skills in editing the videos using slightly unreliable software.

The scope of the project is beginning to capture the imagination in many areas, although in some cases we have found it useful to adapt the terminology we are using: for example ‘digital skills’ can be more helpful than the traditional ‘digital literacies’ lexicons in some areas.
In staffing matters, we extend a warm welcome to Nikki McMurray, who has recently joined the project team.  Nikki brings a wealth of experience in research methods following her academic research into sustainable development, and she will be leading efforts for the design and implementation of the baseline survey.

On the communications, we are working to launch a project website soon.  We plan to begin using our twitter feed more regularly too.  In the meantime, do follow Helen Beetham’s popular tweet feed.

We are also looking forward to the first cluster meeting, hosted by the University of Reading’s ‘Digitally Ready’ project, at the end of the week.  Watch this space for a follow-up post!

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