Flavour of the month

Digital literacy certainly seems to be the flavour of the month, with the Guardian announcing its Digital Literacy campaign (including an article about the JISC Developing Digital Literacy programme), Michael Gove expressing the view that digital literacy should infuse subjects across the curriculum, and lots of coverage for the NextGen report from Nesta – actually produced earlier last year – on preparing graduates and school leavers to work in the gaming and video/effects industries. Gove has even suggested a wiki-based approach to curriculum development nationally, which sounds rather similar to what we have going on with the Design Studio!

While I’ve written slightly more cynically about this on my own blog, and while the conflation of digital literacy with ICT teaching is unhelpful, I do think the national interest reflects what is happening at a smaller scale here at Exeter. Who would have thought ‘digital literacy’ would be so openly discussed as a concern and a priority, so soon after our project kicked off?

I had a valuable meeting with an Associate Dean today who described digital scholarship as the way forward not only for Exeter University but for any UK University trying to establish and retain a global reputation. And at our monthly literacies lunch on Tuesday this week, there were lively discussions with people from very different parts of the University, including academic advisers talking about plagiarism and new writing habits, and our Head of Student Skills wondering how best to ensure students are wise to the myriad possibilities of digital networking.

Food for thought as we plunge into the maestrom that is making sense of our baselining data.

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