Social Media and Graduate Career Hunters

Last week, a colleague highlighted a thought-provoking infographic.  This draws attention to the changing attitudes amongst today’s students whilst they evaluate their options for their first steps into the workplace and tomorrow’s graduates.

According to this ‘worldwide survey’ of students and young professionals, conducted by Cisco:

  • 2/3 of college students will ask about social media policies during job interviews
  • 56% will not accept a job form a company than bans social medial, or they will circumvent the policy
  • 1/3 prioritise social media freedom and device flexibility over salary

Whilst we are highly sceptical about the validity of these specific findings, there are other results that have sparked some interest:

  • Almost 1/3 believe their digital and social media literacy was a factor in becoming employed
  • 1/3 of employees say they use at least 3 devices at work
  • 63% of students want access to corporate information and networks from home computers, 51% want access from mobile devices

The increasing awareness of the importance of mobile availability and device flexibility is a trend that has been experienced in terms of accessing university data and services.  However these latter statistics suggest that students are becoming mindful of the importance of digital technology skill and availability as they embark on their professional lives.

In other news, watch out for our own infographics coming soon, highlighting some of the key findings from our work to baseline current levels of digital literacy amongst students and staff at the university.

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