Interns arrive

I’m not sure I know the collective noun for a group of postgraduate interns, but given the calibre of people we have been privileged to interview over the past few weeks I’m going to suggest a ‘talent’ of interns. The ‘talent’ we’ve collected together is larger than we first imagined, partly because there were so many applicants we couldn’t bear to let go. So after a period of baselining and taking stock, it feels as if the project is really ready to start making an impact in the colleges and departments of the University.

We know from our baselining process – public report due shortly – that many PGRs are innovators in their research fields, particularly when it comes to collecting data, and supporting collaboration and communication. Data capture and visualisation, use of video, simulations, and the more generic research processes of information and reference management, are all issues we will be exploring in more detail. And of course we will look at how we can cascade digital know-how to other PGRs, undergraduates, and senior members of departments.

We are also looking at what PGRs need to be effective researchers in a digital age, and how the University can provide an exceptional environment for innovation.

All this kicks off on Thursday with our first monthly seminar. With so many different perspectives on digital scholarship, and so much technical know-how in the room, I’m a little nervous about orchestrating it all. But I’ve no doubt it will be fascinating.

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