Case studies in digital literacy development

Now that we have a full house of postgraduate researchers working with us it feels as though the project is really making progress. Each intern is contributing different talents and ideas to the group meetings, from which we will be producing a number of briefing papers for researchers on the theme of using digital technologies effectively in the research process. However, the main effort for all of the interns is their personal case study, and these are proving a fascinating set. From new conceptual approaches to visualising course content, through embedding digital skills into third year modules, to supporting new arrivals, the range is broad. I’m as impressed with the commitment to and thoughtfulness about teaching as I am with the technical skills our interns share. We are trying to ensure that the case study interventions have the maximum possible impact given the limited number of hours available and the fact that all our interns are working to complete their own PhDs as a priority.
Watch this space for more on case studies and a couple of big events we have coming up.

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