Cream tea and clusters

Recently we invited the other three projects in our cluster to share a Devon cream tea with us here at Exeter.
We also shared some ideas and issues in our projects’ development.


We kicked off with a session on moving ‘beyond the baseline‘, which prepared us all well for the webinar on this topic (see Nikki’s post). Bath’s PRiDE team encouraged us to speak from the heart as we collated lessons from our first six months under the heading ‘just one thing’. This included ‘one thing I wish someone had told me about this project’ and ‘one thing we will never tell JISC.  The Chatham House rule prevents us blogging the very interesting outcomes of this exercise, but there is no doubt it was a good way to get us all thinking.

Nicola from the Oxford Brookes’ InStePP project described how they are working with the Association of Learning Technology and the Institute of Leadership and Management to provide recognised accreditation to their student e-pioneers. Our model is different and our interns are at a different stage in their academic career, but we are looking at Exeter’s ASPIRE framework to provide similar support, if there is interest.

After lunch we gave the other projects a chance to chat with six of the postgraduate interns who are key to taking Cascade forward. As always they were enthusiastic about the potential for digital technologies in scholarship, challenging of our assumptions, and honest about their motivations for working with us. The Digitally Ready project has already blogged about this encounter, saying: ‘this is an extremely strong model – the postgraduates strengthen their own understanding, are exposed to a wider variety of “use cases”, and the undergraduates benefit from the slightly wiser heads of the postgraduates’. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Reading. We really like your agile evalution model too 🙂

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  • I *wish* I’d been a fly on the wall for ‘one thing we will never tell JISC’… 😉

    Nice idea to organise the session around food. I’ve always find that people are always more relaxed and collaborative around it. Must tap into something primieval!

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