Data Visualisation – The Big Topic

Communicating vast and complex data in a visually attractive manor has becoming more and more of a hot topic over the past few years.  From UK crime reports to US plastic surgery statistics, researchers, journalists and policy makers are finding new ways to make sense of the data that is collected.

There is a cross-over between data, graphic design, computer programming and art.  A fascinating example to illustrate this is Aaron Koblin’s visualisation of  US flight data:

Aaron Koblin - Visualisation of US Flight Data

Aaron Koblin - Visualisation of US Flight Data

In the public consciousness, the Guardian newspaper has been leading the way in this field, with an excellent data blog offering access to the raw data as well as visualisations.

Alongside the trend towards open data, we recognise that researchers are becoming increasingly interested in this area to both understand their data and make it viable in a wider scholarly context.  To this end, we are focussing on these skills in the next PGR interns seminars, where we will be delighted to welcome expert graphic designer and data visualisation practioner Flea Palmer from the University of Plymouth.

Following this session, we will be producing the latest in our line of ‘Researcher Briefings’ in this subject.  this will join our growing list of project outputs.

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