How can digital technologies enhance my research practices? – Looking for inspiration

My colleagues and I were lucky enough to be asked by the CASCADE team to create a resource that would introduce academic researchers to the range of digital technologies that are now available and give them an insight into how they could be used to enhance their research practices –  in essence how they can help with the challenges that come with doing research.

I am delighted to say that this multimedia resource is now openly available at:

I hope that you will find the resource as inspiring to listen to as it was to make.  When the development work started, it very quickly became apparent that the value of the resource would lie in the way it brought together the stories and experiences of such a wide spectrum of people – members of the CASCADE team, Librarians, postgraduate development staff  and perhaps most importantly PhD researchers from across the disciplines.  I think you will agree that is it their stories and advice that make this resource particularly worthwhile.

Digital Technologies for Researchers Resource

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