End of term at Exeter Cascade

It was a day of sadness as well as celebration last Friday when our 15 brilliant postgraduate interns presented snapshots of their work to members of the University. It was the last time we all met formally – face to face at least, though we continue as a learning community via our blog and a new facebook group. Celebration predominated though, thanks to an enormous chocolate cake and the quite stunning work we had a chance to see. Of course there wasn’t enough time to do justice to any of the case studies, but we were certainly treated to a vast repertoire of presentational media, from the flourishing of robot components through some very sophisticated uses of prezi to human conversations – live and on video – and Diana’s fantastic animation (the link is to her learning journey, which includes her case study).

The level of excitement can be judged from the fact that we had to shoo members of university staff out of the room at the end in order to have a final closed meeting. They simply could not stop talking about what they had seen.

We are working hard now to get these case studies and all the associated resources finished and on our web site, as it doesn’t seem fair to keep the world waiting any longer than we have to. Meanwhile you can get a flavour of the variety from the programme. Congratulations to all our interns and thank you to everyone who took part.

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