End of term at Exeter Cascade

It was a day of sadness as well as celebration last Friday when our 15 brilliant postgraduate interns presented snapshots of their work to members of the University. It was the last time we all met formally – face to face at least, though we continue as a learning community via our blog and a […]

Developing digital researchers: developing digital literacy at research-intensive universities

Over the next couple of months you will start to see evidence of our first year’s work emerging on our project web site. We are currently editing video interviews from postgraduate researchers and staff, supporting our PGR interns to complete their case studies and learning materials, and working up some of our own resources. These […]

Supporting Academic Practice in a Digital Age

We are still recovering from the amazing event we held at Exeter last week, mainly for staff involved in academic practice and learning support. Initially we planned this as an internal seminar, but the idea grew until we had over 80 people signed up, most of them external to Exeter. We even had to institute […]

A Postcard from the Digital Beach

Here at the Exeter Uni’s Teaching and Learning Conference, Helen and I set up a stall for the Exeter CASCADE project, which got a lot of traffic. First of all, let me explain why we stood out from the crowd. Every other stall looked like this: And our stall looked like this: So besides my […]

‘BYOD’ hits the headlines!

The term BYOD (bring your own device) has popped up from a few baseline conversations to describe the new trend where employees are bringing their own equipment and using it for work purposes.  According to a survey across 17 countries by business technology company Avanade, 88% of executives said employees were using their own personal […]

How can digital technologies enhance my research practices? – Looking for inspiration

My colleagues and I were lucky enough to be asked by the CASCADE team to create a resource that would introduce academic researchers to the range of digital technologies that are now available and give them an insight into how they could be used to enhance their research practices –  in essence how they can […]

Data Visualisation – The Big Topic

Communicating vast and complex data in a visually attractive manor has becoming more and more of a hot topic over the past few years.  From UK crime reports to US plastic surgery statistics, researchers, journalists and policy makers are finding new ways to make sense of the data that is collected. There is a cross-over between data, […]

Cream tea and clusters

Recently we invited the other three projects in our cluster to share a Devon cream tea with us here at Exeter. We also shared some ideas and issues in our projects’ development. We kicked off with a session on moving ‘beyond the baseline‘, which prepared us all well for the webinar on this topic (see […]

Thinking about the Base-lining Process

Well, time for some reflection. This has been encouraged by the questions below. But I think it’s always a good idea, anyways. I personally got a lot out of our baseline process. I got an appreciation of just how complicated it all is- how many different needs and perspectives there are about digital literacy. And […]

Case studies in digital literacy development

Now that we have a full house of postgraduate researchers working with us it feels as though the project is really making progress. Each intern is contributing different talents and ideas to the group meetings, from which we will be producing a number of briefing papers for researchers on the theme of using digital technologies […]