Baselining digital literacies at Exeter

Following the cluster session on baselining and an online (collaborate) meeting with all projects, we have been refining our approach to baselining at Exeter. The main focus of our project is postgraduate researchers, so the questions we are asking revolve around what makes for a digitally literate researcher in different subject disciplines, and what the […]

Progress update!

Some thoughts on developments at the University of Exeter in recent weeks… Our ‘opening conversations’ has continued, and we have gained some very interesting and candid reflections on he.  In addition to a forthcoming written base-lining report, we have captured many short talking head’ video clips and we are testing our own digital literacy skills in editing […]

Introducing the ‘Conversations’ Video Series – Part 1: Helen Beetham

Welcome to the first in our series of ‘Conversations’ videos with key staff and students from the College of Humanities as well as project team members… The videos will capture thinking – both conceptually and operationally – as the project progresses and seek to highlight areas of good practices as well as perspectives on the digital literacies […]